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July 16, 2017

MAGA: Make Asskicking Great Again

During humanity's drive toward creating a civilized society, at some point the decision was made to outsource the responsibility for personal safety to a third party - the police and law enforcement. No longer are we really expected to tackle challenges ourselves; rather, we are advised to "shelter in place" and wait for the "authorities" to arrive. On the occasions where a citizen does does defend themselves or others from danger by another person, in the write-up in the paper you will almost invariably see a quote from the chief of the local police that says something to the effect of, "We commend this citizen for their actions. BUT, it could have been very dangerous.  If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you should really call the police."

In addition to the refrain to call the police rather than take self-defense into one's own hands, the justice and civil trial systems have removed a person's ability to defend themselves from the predations of others.  If someone breaks into your home and you take action, there are places, particularly in Europe, where it is a lock that you will be arrested and face trial or find yourself sued for "violating" the intruder's "rights."  This is ridiculous.

I thought about this while watching the G20 riots that occurred recently in Hamburg, Germnay. Private stores smashed and looted, streets burning, private cars destroyed. This follows the riots in Berkeley, California. The riots in DC on Inauguration Day. Combine this with all the protests over the travel ban and what seemed like every Trump rally last year, the Black Lives Matter riots the year before, etc. and it is clear that the police cannot, and frankly should not have to, protect our citizens, property and communities.

Why are these riots allowed to happen?  Why do people get to shut down roads and prevent people from getting to work? Why can they smash in a store windows and then grab a basket and take whatever they want? Why can they destroy cop cars or private cars? Why can they set public property on fire? Throw bricks at the police? Why do we let this happen? If the owners have insurance, then its ok? Is that peaceful protesting? CNN might try to convince you it is, but you already know better.

I submit that these actions occur because citizens are not allowed to fight back without facing possible arrest and jail time themselves. If your city is turning into a war zone because a bunch of black-clad trustfund babies have their undies in a bunch, and you gather up a bunch of your community members to make it stop, what are the chances you'll end up in jail, too? If you have a family that depends on you and your income, would you be willing to risk your employment and family's welfare by getting arrested trying to defend your city and neighbors? Probably not. You will sit inside, hope the trustfundies don't target you or your stuff and let the police deal with it as best they can.  And you would be right to do so.

The solution, then, is to empower citizens to act as individuals or to come together in groups to engage in defensive violence to protect themselves, their neighbors, property and community against any and all threats of violence.  It is not enough to sit back and expect law enforcement to deal with these threats. As we've seen in Baltimore and Berkeley, for instance, a community's political leaders are not above telling law enforcement to stand down and let the rioters go nuts. And so you will find videos of people being assaulted and the police standing there taking no action to intervene. It is in these instances, where government protection of citizens' rights has failed, that commensurate defensive violence should be allowed to subdue whatever threat is occurring.

Blocking traffic during rush hour, smashing windows and looting stores, burning public property or destroying private property, throwing bottles and bricks at police - these are not the actions of peaceful protesters trying to make their voices heard.  These are criminal actions.  If these "direct actions", as they like to call them, that they engage in threaten the lives or property of innocent people, then they need to be stopped. And they should be stopped by other citizens.

Two old cliches come to mind - that an armed society is a polite society and that if you want peace, prepare for war.  Human nature does not change. If a person believes they can do something without fear of harm to themselves, they will do it.  If they can cover their face among a crowd of thousands, and the cops are two blocks over, how will they face any punishment if they choose to engage in criminal acts? The fact is that they won't.  They will will riot and destroy and take from others knowing that no sanction will come; think of all the news reports where you see thousands of people rioting and then the cops report they arrested 11 people or some other ridiculously low number. What are the chances that one of those 11 is the one who destroyed your particular thing? Even if they are caught, as they work their way through the justice system, you will still be without your car or your home or your business.

If people and a community are to be defended, then they must be defended by the citizens. And in order for the citizens to be willing to do so, they need to be protected from criminal or civil penalties. All laws that could be used to target lawful citizens protecting their lives, properties and communities must be repealed.  The outsourcing of responsibility for personal safety must end - make asskicking great again.